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AirDance New Mexico is a company of multi-disciplinary artists who collaborate with each other to create exciting, innovative performances, featuring critically acclaimed aerial dances and multi-media theatrical works. AirDance productions incorporate trapezes, aerial fabric, swings, hoops, aerial cube, and invented apparatus and interactive sets, created from a variety of materials. Performances feature original music by local composers and may include original scripts, projections, unusual props, and whatever else may strike our fancy. AirDance shows seek to entertain while exploring our lives and dreams, shedding light on hidden aspects of our collective being. AirDance New Mexico also offers classes and workshops in the aerial arts and related disciplines for children and adults at our home, the AirDance ArtSpace. The company is available for special workshops and performances for your group or organization, both at our facility and at yours. AirDance New Mexico is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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