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Debra Landau is the founder and Artistic Director of AirDance New Mexico. Even before completing her BFA in Dance and Theatre at the University of New Mexico, Debra danced for renowned choreographers Tim Wengerd, Nora Reynolds, Sonya Bezubka, and J. Parker Copley. She was Principal with the Bill Evans Dance Company for several years and worked as an Artist-in-Residence throughout New Mexico. Along the way she delved into the aerial arts and created works with the 500 Second Street Performance Gallery, Sugarbush Dance Theater, and others. Her “Latent Circus Stage” eventually led to creation of the AirDance ArtSpace with husband Jeff Hartzer. Debra is a Certified Movement Analyst and a Registered Movement Therapist. (She thanks Joanna Furgal for the lovely photography and a year of prednisone for her unusually round face!)

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